i’m not too proud to ask for help, and i need it now, so, here goes.

i need about 80-100 bucks to be able to make sure i can pay rent this month. and get through to september. i’m doing what i can in trying to find a job and also selling stuff on ebay, but any help would be appreciated - i don’t…

life update

hey everyone! i know i haven’t been posting as much here as of late, and that’s because i’ve been getting ready to move to long island tomorrow for grad school!

things have been pretty hectic but i’m looking to start the movienights back up after i settle in, if i can. i might still be scarce as i just haven’t been feeling the tumble bug lately (not bc of any bad experiences w/ ppl or whatever) but i’m still here and doing fine


I hope this list is useful for people looking for shelter and people who want to help in some way



updated to have more recent examples, hehe, my queue’s windin’ down so I can take more of these again

ANYWAY, have you ever wanted to be drawn as a POSH AND FASHIONABLE ANIMAL OF SOME SORT, well luckily for you I will do that for you, for $20

my email, if you are interested, is ‘rorymorriscomics at gmail dot com’ - put FASHION ANIMAL in your subject! — My paypal is NOT the same as my email, but I do also have squarecash, we can work out payment once we’re talkin’ - feel free to show me what kinds of clothes you like, along with yr reference! I generally get one of these finished per day so the turnaround is fairly generous — do keep in mind that I have other jobs as well, however!

Refrain from sending me tumblr asks about this! I will always redirect you to my email!

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hey everyone! i haven’t been posting here often ‘cause i’ll be leaving for grad school in 2 weeks but here’s a collection of cool tunes to tide everyone over. inspired by one of my favorite jojo stories but worth a listen even if you’re not familiar with it, in two parts


tracklist after cut

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🐺🐰 !!! BIG TEETH UPDATE, OH BOY !!! 🐺🐰

and it’s a BIG ONE, the end of ch.1!!! wow!!! if you haven’t started readin’, now is a very good time to start, I reckon

Read the update HERE!


Start from the beginning here! (Mirror for mobile!)




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16 pages


PDF format



Strawberries is a comic about gynecological horror and boys that I drew back in spring 2013. 

It’s been a minute - it’s pretty hard to look at for me because it was so long ago, but I put a lot into it and making this book was a really big step for me. I’ve been hoping to get it to a wider audience for a while now, but it’s so gross it was kind of hard to find hosting. I hope you like it!

If you’re interested, Strawberries was written about by Simon Hanselmann here and Tucker Stone here

Read my gross comic book you nerds


i have a new favorite mst3k skit